Tired of feeling downhearted, powerless, ready to throw in the towel? Here are 5 Mantras to boost your self-esteem, your inner power and your ability to overcome all challenges in your life.

Be successful, Be strong, Believe in Yourself!

Photo by Brandi Redd / Unsplash

Mantra #1

Every time I fall,

I have the faith and the strength

to get up stronger than before.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #2

I release the belief

that I am not good enough.

I am fully confident

in my abilities to succeed.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #3

I have an unshakable faith

in the perfect and immediate solutions

to all my problems.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #4

I succeed in everything I do,

because I believe in myself.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #5

I am successful.

I achieve my goals effortlessly

because my positive motivation

drives me towards my goals.

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