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Your Favorite Diamond Will Tell You How You Love!

For the longest times people have believed in the mystical power of precious stones! It turns out that everything is true!

Precious stones are more than just beautiful ornaments. Each sign of the zodiac corresponds to several precious, semiprecious stones and minerals that have magical effect on representatives of these signs, helping them to maximize their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

These natural terrestrial beauties have the power to heal and protect, temper nature and develop abilities. It’s not recommended to hide them in a box, depriving them of their energy potential.

The magical power of natural minerals is very high.

We suggest you take this very simple test that will tell you some new interesting things about love, all you have to do is just select one of the diamonds in the picture and read what the stone you have chosen means.


1. You love quietly

You comfort others simply just with your presence. Trust and loyalty are important to you in a partner.

2. You love harmoniously

You are attentive and thoughtful. You strive to create balance in your daily routines and love life. You are more inclined to listen to your heart.

3. You love mysteriously

You are sultry and seductive. You rarely disclose your true nature. You never give too much. Thus, you always protect yourself from being hurt.

4. You love unconditionally

You do everything for your partner, but you don’t ask anything in return and your partner values that about you. And if you haven’t found a partner yet, then find someone who will appreciate that!

5. You love passionately

You live a physically and sexually rich life. Your partner will never be bored in the bedroom with you. Your partner likes your energy. You can’t imagine a relationship without physical intimacy.

6. You love fearlessly

You love even though you know you might get burned, but still it’s worth it. You love without expecting anything in return and always giving more than you receive. It’s pure, genuine, beautiful, and endless. You love someone simply because of who they are- a human being placed on this earth and in your life with a purpose and an intent. Love yourself and the heart you were given and don’t ever stop loving others the way you do.

source zen-magazine


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Your Favorite Diamond Will Tell You How You Love!
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