How To Connect With Your Angel And Get All The Answers You Need?

Angels are allowed to help us only when we ask them to. This is one of the ways to reach them and have your questions answered…


  1. Make yourself comfortable and, in your mind state the intention that you want to connect with angels. It can be your guardian angel or some other spiritual being. After that draw your attention to your breathing, imagining how with your every exhale you release tension, and with your every inhale you feel yourself with beautiful gold light.

  2. Enjoy the beauty of the golden light that runs through your body, relaxing and healing it. Put a hand on your heart and hold it there for at least a couple of minutes (that way you sync your brain and heart waves).

  3. Imagine yourself sinking into the depths of your own being, carried away by a cloud of golden light, until you ground yourself in a wonderful place. Explore and enrich your impression of that place using every and each one of your senses – look at it, hear the sounds, pay attention to the smells, the flavors, feel that lovely place in your inward world.

  1. Tell yourself – ‘I am ready!’ and ask for connection with your angel(s).

  2. Breathe easy, without any expectations, paying attention to the smallest change you can notice. Your angel might appear with a face of an angel like you have imagined or as a color, symbol, feeling or melody… Your heart will recognize him/her.

Calm yourself down and acknowledge their existence.

  1. If you have a question you can ask and be open for an answer that can be immediately sent or postponed for later, maybe in your dreams it doesn’t matter how or when, the answer will reach you in the right moment.

  2. When you get the feeling that your meeting is coming to an end thank your angel an send him your unconditional love.

  3. With couple of inhales and exhales direct your attention to the outer world. Write a short note of your experience.

Keeping a journal of your work with angels can help you learn a lot and enlighten.

via reikiwithfriends