At the end of every day there’s nothing better you can do than to give it all to your Angel.

May this Prayer help you have a peaceful night in the arms of your Angel!


A Prayer to Your Angel to End Your Day And Be Ready For A Peaceful Night

Dear Angel,
please, as I go to bed,
ease my mind and give me
peace. Help me get rid of my
daily worries, and leave all my
problems in your hands so that
I may greet the morning with
a restored mind, heart and body.

Dear Angel, please, visit me
tonight and help me connect
with your presence and insights
in my dreams. Tune me to the
messages that you bring forth
while I sleep. Please, fill my
dreams with your guidance and
help me to make it part of my
daily life. Assist me in
falling asleep serenely by
remembering that your compassion
and mercy are new every morning.


From 365 Prayers to the Angels: Get your prayers answered and fulfill all your dreams with the help of the Angels"written by "Human Angels"
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