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A Prayer For The Loss Of A Loved One

Gathered together here are two prayers for those who are currently in a period of grieving in their lives, with a comforting prayer for the loss of a loved one, a prayer poem for those who mourn (suitable for a funeral or memorial service).

May you know God's strength and presence as you pray now.


Prayer for the loss of a loved one

(a prayer for a loved one who has passed away)

Dear Father,

I am empty, I am at a loss,
I am drowning in sorrow.
I come to you, as your child.
I feel small, I feel overwhelmed, I feel frightened.

Please shine your light into this grief
and guide my thoughts to find
the promises of eternity.
Carry me in this hard time, cover my life with yours,
shelter me until I can find the strength to stand again.
Thank you for your love, your grace, your promise.

I nestle into your care and trust that
I can let my loved one go to you,
safe in your arms, as I am.



Time is in your hands, O Lord

(a prayer for those who mourn)

Time is in your hands, O Lord
You place the sun and moon.
You turn the tides of ocean deep
So you can hold me safe in grief,
You can hold me safe.

Eternity is always there
Around us everyday.
From every seed that grows a tree
Creation sings of life redeemed,
In Christ we are redeemed.

Love is yours, it bears your mark,
Your imprints everywhere.
Each tender word I shared remains
Love lives beyond our fleeting frame,
It lives beyond our frame.

My precious one runs to your arms
I trust them to your care.
You catch my tears and help me see,
The hope of Heavens glorious light,
The hope of Heavens light.


source living-prayers


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A Prayer For The Loss Of A Loved One
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