You don't know how to cure your broken heart? Try this angelic prayer to heal your heartache and open up to whatever wonder life has in store for you.

Dear Angel,

you know my heart. You
know there is an ache
in my heart since I
broke up. You know
how much it has been
difficult lately. I'm
sad, I'm disappointed,
I feel alone. Every
time I think of the
happy times, it hurts.
Please, guide me not
to dwell on past hurts.
Infuse me with a sense
of acceptance. Help me
let go and bless my ex
partner. Help me remember
that what is happening
is nothing but the result
of the accomplishment of
our soul contract. Please,
heal my broken heart. Wash
all these painful memories
away. Help me turn the page
to the next chapter of my
life. Help me have faith
that God is opening a new
chapter in my life that is
even more wonderful. Take
my hand, guide me walk
forward into each new day
and open up to whatever
wonder God has in store
for me.


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