Are you losing sleep over money? Are you stressed about your financial situation? You don't know how to get out of debts? Try this angelic prayer.


Dear Angel,

you see my material needs,
you know my lack of money
and my debts. You know my
worries and fears about my
financial situation. I lost
sleep over money concerns.
The stress of figuring out
how to get out of debts is
almost more than I can stand.
I ask your loving intervention
to relieve my financial woes
and ease this stress. Please,
calm my anxious mind and
infuse me with a sense of trust
and hope. Enlighten me and help
me find an immediate solution
to my money issues. Help me
have enough money to pay my
bills and fill my basic needs.
Keep me motivated to fix my
financial problems. Rather
than being in a mood of despair
and getting continuously bogged
down by thoughts of failure and
defeat. Guide me in every
decision I take. Help me not
to make bad choices because
of my financial anxiety.
Align me with energy of
prosperity and abundance.
Pour wealth into my life.
Let money come to me easily
and abundantly. Help me shift
from the fear of not having
enough money to the gratitude
for the all the blessings
I'am about to receive.


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