How to heal your inner child and let go of the painful memories of your childhood? Apply the balm of your Angel’s love to the hurts and pains of your inner child. Try this prayer.


Dear Angel,

I ask your powerful
help to heal my inner
child from any memory
of unhappiness, guilt,
abandonment, loneliness
or lack of love. Please,
guide me to break the
repetitive cycles derived
from the emotional wounds
of my childhood. Give me
your loving guidance to
complete my healing journey
and return to a state of
natural happiness and joyous
living. Help me reconnect
with my pure, sacred, blissful
essence. Please, help me
honour my inner child and
always be in touch with its
qualities of spontaneity,
creativity and joy. Guide
me to live with a cheerful
heart, be wildly enthusiastic
about life and allow my inner
child to come out and play.


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