Here are two angelic prayers, the first prayer is for a loved one that is now dealing with physical issues; the second one is for yourself.

May the Angels help you and your loved ones to feel joyfully healthy.


For A Loved One

Dear Angel,

I pray you to help
my loved ones, family
members, friends and
acquaintances that are
now dealing with physical
issues. Hold them in your
loving arms. Fill their
bodies, from the top of
their heads to the soles
of their feet, with your
healing light and make
their hearts overflow
with strength and hope.


For Yourself

Dear Angel,

Please, assist me,
help me heal.
Ease my distress and
guide me to whatever
(rest, medicines,
spiritual tips,
alternative therapies,
diet, ...) may
immediately restore me to
complete well-being.
Infuse me with your
blessed light, so I may feel
restored to full well-being.
Renew, regenerate and recharge
all the cells in my body.
Pour peace, love and bliss
through my veins.
Embrace me and make me
feel joyfully healthy.

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