An angelic prayer to bring peace to your family.


Dear Angel,

I ask you to help my family which is in turmoil now. Please, shine your light upon us and put an end to all conflict. Let us resolve any division or disagreement whether it is personal, financial or emotional. Infuse our hearts with mutual understanding and let peace return. Strengthen our bond of love with trust and unity. Enable us to accept and embrace the weaknesses of everyone and give each other support and strength. Shower our relationships with patience, loyalty, respect, kindness, and unconditional love. Bestow us with compassion to better understand each other, to love and take care of each other, and give us harmony to live peacefully together. Please, allow us to be each other a blessing.


365 Prayers to the Angels: Get your prayers answered and fulfill all your dreams with the help of the Angels"written by "Human Angels"
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Ebook and Paperback