May this angelic prayer help you create a positive, fulfilled life!


An Angelic Prayer to Attract Positive Energy

Dear Angel,

please, help me
be positive so that I may
attract positive things into
my life. Don't let me dwell
on dark, negative thoughts.
I call upon you to release
into the light any negative
thought, lower vibrations
of negativity, fear and
anxiety. Please, help me be
positive so that I may tap
into the power of positivity.
Let me see the positive side
of every situation, even when
I am surrounded by negativity.
Fill me with your heavenly light.
Raise my vibration. Help me
release every thing that blocks
the flow of positive energy into
my life. Every time a negative
thought pops into my mind, please,
help me replace it with a positive
one. May your pure angelic energy
surround me, flow through me and
guide me to create a positive,
fulfilled life.


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