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An Angelic Prayer for Purification

Are you feeling burdened by negative emotions? Try this angelic prayer for purification.


An Angelic Prayer for Purification

Dear Angel,

please, help me purify
my spirit by releasing
and dissolving any negative
feelings and thoughts toward
myself and others. Purify me
from resentment, anger, greed,
deceit, envy, selfishness,
pride, hypocrisy, vanity, lust,
jealousy and any other
low-frequency emotion. Purify,
protect and uplift me so that
it may always be aligned to
the high frequencies of your
heavenly love. Restore my true
essence so that I may become
pure and innocent as a newborn
child. Please, let me return me
to the original innocence of my
spotless soul.

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An Angelic Prayer for Purification
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