This is a prayer for parents and grandparents to pray for their children. You can use it to pray for your children's safety and care.

May the Angels of God watch over your children and shelter them with their mighty wings of light!


Dear Angel,

I ask that you place a hand of protection over my children. Please, guard them against diseases of the mind and body. Guard their bodies and keep them in health and strength. Guard their lives in the face of any danger. Please, protect my children from all potential risks and prevent them from making bad choices. Help them to grow, in age, knowledge, and wisdom. Fill my children's lives with joy and kindness. Pour your grace into their hearts. Encompass them in your blessing and protection. May your wings be a barrier that surrounds them so that they may always be safe and out of danger in your mighty arms.


One of the greatest and most lasting gift you can give to your children and grandchildren is to pray for them. Here another prayer for your children and grandchildren.


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