An angelic prayer for your total well-being, to live each day well from the beginning to the end.


Dear Angel,

help me to live each day well from the beginning to the end. Please, help me be mindful of what I eat and drink. Guide me to respect, honour, care, cherish and love my body. Help me give my body the nourishment, exercise, rest and comfort it needs so that it may always be perfectly healthy. Energize my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being continuously. Help me restore my body to wholeness, health and strength. Abundant health flows through me. And, please, let my well-being grow in fullness until it overflows.


365 Prayers to the Angels: Get your prayers answered and fulfill all your dreams with the help of the Angels"written by "Human Angels"
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Ebook and Paperback

Get ready to ask and be open to receive. All you need to do is to invoke the Angels at your side and pray to them. 365 Prayers to the Angels is your daily tool to connect with your Angels.