Gratitude generates blessings and blessings generate gratitude, in a reciprocal unending circle. May this angelic prayer make you grateful for all that you have in your life!


Dear Angel,

please, remind
me to be thankful for my
health, for my home, for
my food, for all the things
that I have that other
people do not have. Please,
guide me to focus on the
good and the blessings that
I constantly receive. Let
me remain in a place of
thankfulness, count my
blessings, notice simple
pleasures and acknowledge
everything I receive. Let
me feel the joy that comes
from a thankful heart. Make
me aware that each and every
day I have so much to be grateful
for. Please, guide me to be
patient and give thanks in
the midst of adversity, by
remembering that nothing happens
to me but everything happens
for me. Fill my heart with
thanks and praises Guide me
to be thankful for all the
gifts I have had, for all the
blessings, for all the love I
have received and for a life
that is extraordinary and
beyond any imagination.


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