Curses are real. Do you feel like your life is cursed? Use this angelic prayer to break all curses and protect yourself.


Dear Angel,

I call upon you and all
the divine light forces.
I ask you to break, shatter,
cancel all curses so as
any anxiety, mental disorder,
illness and misfortune caused
by them. Please, remove
all curses and the effects
of negative words spoken over
my life by others. Please,
neutralize every evil intent
to harm me. Protect me with
your bright shield of light
so the power of those who
intend to harm me will
instantly melt away like snow
in the sun. Release my life
from every curse, every evil
influence and every dark shadow.
Fill me with loving goodness so
that I may forgive and bless
those who cursed me. May my
enemies be freed from the bonds
of the darkness and their hearts
flooded with light.


365 Prayers to the Angels: Get your prayers answered and fulfill all your dreams with the help of the Angels"written by "Human Angels"
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Ebook and Paperback

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