You may want to get pregnant more than you've ever wanted anything in your life. Here, an angelic prayer to help you me conceive a child and become a mother.


An Angelic Prayer to Get Pregnant

Dear Angel,

you know my heart, you
know that my deepest
desire is to have a life
growing inside of me.
Please, help me get
pregnant and become a
mother. Give me the
strength to carry and deliver
a healthy child. Help me be
ready for the blessing of
being a mother. God always
has a purpose in the wait.
Please, guide me to practise
the art of patience by
remembering that what I desire
will be given to me in divine
perfect timing. Fill my heart
with hope. When discouragement
creeps into my mind, let your
light cast out every doubt.
Please, help me conceive a child
and become a mother. I would
love that child more than anyone
in this world.


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