An Angelic Prayer To Heal Painful Memories and Sadness

Dear Angel,

please, give me your graceful help to instantly heal all the sources of my emotional pain. Remove all my unhealed hurts. Bring your restoring light to all my emotions that have caused me feelings of sadness, loneliness and despair so that I may bear witness to your healing power.


An Angelic Prayer To Heal Sadness And Feeling Of Loneliness

Dear Angel,

I've been feeling this heartache for so long. Now, I place myself in your loving care. Please, lead me out of this sad and lonely place within me. Turn your loving-kindness towards me, stop my pain, comfort my hurting heart, and give me help and strength. Please, heal my pain, renew a spirit of hope within me and raise me up to a life of joy. Please, take my hand and guide me away from all my emotional scars into the light of fearless love. I ask for your emotional healing so that the clouds in my heart may lift, and I may feel love, radiate love, be love.



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