If you are suffering from an addiction, here is an angelic prayer to overcome addiction that will surely give you strength and lift your spirits up.

Use this angelic prayer to help you heal and face the challenges of recovery.


Dear Angel,

You have already helped me
in the hardest times. Now I
ask that you, with your
healing power, would lead me
away from my drug/alcool/pills
addiction. I pray you for the
miracle of recovery. I feel
trapped by my thoughts and fears.
Please, free me form the chains
of this addiction. Free me from
manifesting these self-destructive
tendencies and dangerous patterns
of behaviour. Open my heart to your
healing power. Help me find the
strength to overcome my addiction.
Calm my soul, bring peace to the
stormy sea of my thoughts. May
your loving presence illuminate
the darkness in my heart and
bring lasting serenity to my mind.
Dear Angel, help me not cause my
loved ones to suffer anymore
because of my addiction. Comfort
them, fill their hearts with the
light of hope. Strengthen me in
the work of recovery; and to those
who care for me, give
compassionate understanding and
unshakable love. Remain always
at my side to chase away all evil
temptations and fears of failure
during my recovery. Guide me to
choose light instead of
darkness and strength instead
of weakness. Please, help me take
the reins back, be free, be happy,
love, restored and redeemed.


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