Jealousy is one of the hardest emotions to control in our everyday lives.
Here is an Angelic Prayer to help you overcome jealousy and bring peace to your mind.


Dear Angel,

please, guide me not
to fall into the pitfalls
of jealousy. Help me to
rise above the temptation
to be jealous. Set me free
from the repetitive thoughts
that exhaust my mind and
cause the jealousy to arise.
Help me remove these thoughts
from my mind. Please, make me
aware that jealousy is routed
into my sense of
self-unworthiness and built
upon my insecurities. Make me
aware that jealousy is nothing
but love gone wrong through
fear. Help me release, heal and
transform my jealousy into
self-worthiness, confidence and
trust. Please, sow the seeds of
unconditional love within my
heart and make me able to
overcome jealousy once and for all.


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