Difficult times. We all encounter bumps in the road of life and at these times angelic advice is necessary. Natural disasters, the death of loved ones, illness, accidents, loss of income – it’s a natural part of living whether you like it or not.

Several years ago difficult times visited my doorstep. The result catapulted me into a deep depression. My physical body was sick, my mind was tired, and my spirit wanted to give up.

It was at that time that my spiritual team gave me some very wise angelic advice that I believed saved my life.

If you are going through difficult times consider the following sage advice. It will allow you to turn your gloom into a glimmer of hope.

Angelic Advice for Difficult Times

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I’m a journaler. I’m addicted to recording my thoughts and feelings manually onto the page. And often times I enjoy going back and rereading my journals for inspiration.

This past week I was in a bit of an emotional funk and was having difficulty letting it go. My angelic team led me to the following wise words of wisdom that they had shared with me at one of the most difficult times in my life. And so I want to share these words with you now.

If you’re going through a difficult time in life right now I believe the following guidance will help you reset your perspective and encourage you to push through to the other side called victory.

The universe did not single you out. You did nothing wrong. God is not punishing you. It is pure arrogance to think that life will be sweet and perfect 24 x 7.

Everything has a natural cycle to it. Many spiritual texts state that there is a time and season for everything. The Christian book of Ecclesiastes says that there is, “A time of plenty; a time of lack. A time of birth; a time of death. A time of joy; a time of sorrow. A time of peace; a time of war. A time to celebrate; a time to mourn.”

The planet we live on has encountered natural disasters since her existence. Seasons change the weather shifts.

These are all things that just are. You cannot escape them.

The inner struggle occurs when you personalize these events thinking that you are being singled out, or worse yet been punished for some reason.

Remember, the very nature of God is love. How then can love go against love?

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Release your “story” about the difficult event that is causing you difficulty. When you personalize an event you have encountered in life you create a story about that situation. These stories are built upon your past life experiences, your current emotional perspective, as well as your deep seeded beliefs.

Your stories are just that. Made up tomes of fiction sprinkled with drama. When you’re in story mode you criticize, blame others, complain, and project your own beliefs and feelings onto the events and others.

Give yourself permission to release your self-limiting stories by asking yourself the following question, “without any thoughts, beliefs, criticisms, projections, blame, or anything else, what’s really going on this situation?”

The truth is – nothing. Life happens. Face it and embrace it. The sooner you do so the quicker you’ll be able to move through it.

Unwrap the gift. The only way out of an undesirable situation is to move through it. The quickest way to do this is to look at the difficult situation that has been causing you anxiety as divine gifts.

Give yourself permission to unwrap these gifts with childlike wonder. Ask yourself the following questions and write your answers down.

What’s good about the situation or what can be good about it?

What did I learn from the situation, or what can I learn?

How can I turn the situation around in a way that benefits everyone concerned?

What are some new and empowering beliefs I can have about this situation right now?

While it’s true that we all will encounter difficult times at various stages of life, the fact is that it’s not the difficult times in life that matter, but how you choose to respond to those situations.

Remember that God and the Angels love you and will always hold your hand in even the bleakest of times.

So keep your face towards the sunshine, release your story, unwrap the gifts of the present moment, and the shadows will soon fall behind you.

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