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Which Penny From The Angels Is For You?

Find a penny. Pick it up. And all day long You’ll have good luck!

Guardian angels sometimes leave shiny coins as a way of saying ‘I’m with you!’ Use this reading now for a little message from your angel. Pick a coin!



You are taking an interest in spiritual matters. It is part of your reason for being here, your soul’s journey. Over the coming 18 months you attract the help and guidance of more angels, archangels and ascended masters (advanced guides).


You can charm anyone when you try – even people who are difficult and unfriendly. Smile, it is your gift to the world – and your weapon! It will disarm and subtly influence people to your way of thinking and help you achieve what you want. Be nice, even under stress … it will bring you abundance.


Heaven is applauding the recent choices and actions that you have made. Keep going! This is a year of personal transformation. When you see a butterfly, it is a reminder from your angel to believe in yourself.


Don’t doubt yourself, you have good intuition, so listen to it. What truth have you been avoiding? Face it now, take your angel’s hand and move forward.


Your angel put a thought in your head within the last week, she wants you to know it is her guidance. If you’re not sure what she is referring to, take a moment to remember the past few days – what thought came out of nowhere? Maybe to do something, go somewhere, phone someone …


‘Angel-ise’ your thinking so that your focus is on love in the coming weeks. The more loving you are towards yourself and others, the better everything goes for you. If at any time you feel annoyed, visualize an angel within you, emitting rays of sunny, loving energy throughout your body. Even if you don’t know why you received this message, trust it’s for a good reason.


Your angel says the time has come to release a negative habit that is holding you back. It may be an addiction, unhealthy diet, self-doubt (the fear you are not good enough, young enough, smart enough) or something else. Life is too short and precious, you have one shot at being you. If you are already doing this, the angels applaud you.


What goes around comes around! Your kindness is noted by the angels, and you are storing up a bank of good karma (payback) for the future. No-one ever became poorer by giving, and believe me, you will never be spiritually poor. The angels SEE you.

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Which Penny From The Angels Is For You?
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