Message From Metatron

“Greetings, It is I, Archangel Metatron. Chief Messenger from the Celestial Realms.

I channel through my Angel in human form, Alura. She is working fervently and patiently for all of us up here to get everyone where it is, that they need to be spiritually. It is not an easy thing to channel the huge amounts of energy, that we large Celestial bodies have. Therefore, I thank her ahead of time, for putting this message into 3rd dimensional form.

Continuing on with, as to why I have come, I am here to tell everyone that I know the need is great, for positive energy during this war of consciousness going on in your world. It is a far cry from over. But, if you endure just a while longer, you will find that the wait was worth it. I am well aware of the efforts of those who have come from my home here, the Upper Angelic Realm, and for those also from the lower. I am also aware of the other dimensional souls, who volunteered to come here, in order to help as well. It is very overwhelming, to see how many warriors of light we have down there now.  I want many of you, whom have not awakened yet to know, that there is no hurry. Your awakening will come when the time that you scheduled with your guides and directors, has come around. Take your time, and have fun with the spiritual enlightenment that is going on around you. So many things to discover!

In the mean time, I am still holding the keys of light transmission, in order to send the correct mathematical programming, so that I can help elevate your world to higher planes of consciousness. I come to tell you, that I am assisting you by shrouding you with my resilient outer light, to clear and cleanse your energy field in order for  you to be equipped with the perfect balance of energy, to continue this mission. It is true many people prophesy in my name, and prove false. I have become something more of a trend than a serious matter. It is amazing how humans flock to the popularity of things , even things spiritual. However, they do not realize that I AM, merely an extension of our Creator, in a smaller form, and any deception will be accounted for. I will leave those beings to lay in the bed that they have made for themselves.

We all answer to a higher power here, and where you are, it does not change things because of the realm. Everything that is done is seen, and every thing uttered is heard. Remember that.

To finish up my message, I AM here for you, and always will be. I am using my Keys to send you all the right frequency, for each individually. So that the rest of your journey is bearable. Do not worry about the rest of the Ascension, or awakening. We will make sure all goes as it should.  In order to prepare you for the coming year, we will be sending huge amounts of energy in. The Beings down in middle Earth, will be sure to sustain the crust so that no major catastrophes take place, and everyone above and below ground is safe. I wanted to forewarn you. Major changes are coming! The time you have all been waiting for!

We only wish for the Lady Earth and all of her children to have the best energy for enlightenment.

We no longer wish for anyone to remain in the dark, or in the great deluge that is the altered state of consciousness humans live in. We wish to make a difference, but only can, through those who listen to our messages. Thank you so much for your time, and may the Celestials rain their blessings of love and prosperity upon you all”.

The Angelic realm doesn’t just want to reach out to everyone as a group. They all long to get in touch with and work with you all individually.”

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Source: this message is an excerpt from the full original article written by Alura Cein and published on alurasangels

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