When people find out that they are Incarnated Angels, they want direction concerning what they can do about their new-found knowledge.

They get excited to know they are more significant in the order or things than they had previously known, and they are often enthusiastic about finding out more about their destined path, and are anxious to get started to make a difference.

If you identify with being an Incarnated Angel, chances are you would like some direction as to what to do with your new-found knowledge. In my work as an Angel Reader, I often receive emails and phone calls from people who believe they are Incarnated Angels, and who want more information and direction as to what they can do to get started with their Angel-work.

So… if you are an Incarnated Angel, how should you proceed from here?

We’ll look into that. First, however, we need to discuss what an Incarnated Angel is, and why anyone would believe that they are one.


Let me begin with a story about myself, and how I came to recognize that I am an Incarnated Angel:

I found out that I’m an Incarnated Angel in 1991. It started out in this way: I had just gotten my children off to school, and I felt the need to go back to bed. As I lay down on the bed—getting all snuggly warm with the covers pulled up around my shoulders. Becoming completely relaxed and starting to enter the first stage of sleep, I suddenly found myself outside my body. At this point, I was no longer my ordinary self. Rather, I was a huge being of enormous size—an ancient being of God—an All-Knowing, wise, powerful being—the likes of which I could never have imagined myself to be even a part of before, let alone actually be.

I was an Angel…and a huge, powerful, all-knowing being – an absolutely ancient being at that. My job was to protect several humans on the earth below. I saw those humans, and I knew it was my job to protect them. During this time, I absolutely knew what I was doing – which seems strange, because from an ordinary life point of view, what I was doing was something I could not have understood. Ordinary reality is so very different from experiences you have in the higher realm.


Anyway, I picked out some humans who were public figures, and I opened my mouth and allowed an amazing sound to come forth from my mouth. Later, I learned that this is called “toning”, but at the time this happened, at least in my ordinary reality, I knew nothing about toning, and I had never even heard of it before.

Still, in the higher astral realm, things are decidedly different.

Then, I suddenly came back into my regular human body and opened my eyes. As soon as this happened, I KNEW that in another realm I am an Angel. I knew that. I had no doubt.

Since that experience, I’ve come to realize that many people are really angels Incarnate, only most of them don’t realize it.

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