Have you ever wondered how to ask for signs from the angels or even if it’s okay to do so? Then read on, because this article is just for you.

Are You Allowed to Ask for Signs?

Clients often ask me this question, “Dar, am I allowed to ask for signs from the angels?” To be honest, most often the people who ask me this question were brought up in religious dogma that stripped them of their freewill by imposing iron clad rules of appropriate worship.

My answer to them is always a big YES! You can, and are encouraged to ask for signs from your Guardian Angels, the Archangels and Infinite Love, God, Divine Source, or whatever you prefer to call this Higher Power, wants you to live an empowered and victorious life. And more importantly, it is encouraged and expected by your Divine Team that you ask for signs and confirmations.

Angels are always here to help us

Gideon’s Request

There is a beautiful story in the ancient text that supports this. It is the story of Gideon. Gideon was told by Infinite Love that he would be protected and his people rescued. Yet Gideon in his humanness needed a sign for reassurance. So Gideon laid out a piece of lamb’s wool outside overnight and told Infinite Love, “If you truly are going to rescue us, prove it to me by making this fleece of wool wet in the morning, but the ground around it dry.”

He left the piece of fleece out all night, and in the morning that’s just what happened. He squeezed the fleece and wrung out a bowl full of water, yet the ground around it remained dry.

Still needing reassurance, Gideon asked Infinite Love for yet another sign. This time he asked Infinite Love to leave the fleece dry overnight and the ground around it wet. And in the morning Gideon discovered Infinite Love once again had answered his request!

There are many similar accounts throughout multiple spiritual texts of all faiths around the world, which encourages your request for signs to bolster your faith and trust, as well as to reassure you.

Infinite Love and the angels welcome your request for personal signs and confirmations in order to bolster your faith and trust in their ever-present help and guidance.

Asking for Signs – No Wrong or Right Way

There is no wrong or right way to ask for signs from the angels or Infinite Love. The important thing is just to ask. Remember that the angelic realm works with Universal Law. So, your intention, or the “why” of your asking is key.

Above all, ask from a state of joy and love instead of fear. Fear has a low vibrational rate, and although fearful asking in a dire situation will be honored, requests often appear faster when you ask from a place of joy and positive expectation.

It is important to note here that sometimes, unless you’re asking for a specific concrete sign such as Gideon did, the angels may send you metaphorical signs such as showing you a closed door or a stop sign. So be open to the many ways signs can present themselves to you.

Asking for signs from the Angels is an act of Love

My Favorite Ways to Ask for Signs

Here are a four of my favorite ways to ask for signs from the angels. I’m sharing these with you because they work quickly for myself and my students.

#1 Affirmative prayer and statements. An affirmative prayer is a request stated in the positive. For example, instead of saying, “I want to be reassured, show me a sign.” I would say, “Thank you, Infinite Love for giving me a reassuring sign. Thank you that it’s given clearly and in a way that only I can understand.” Affirmative prayers are worded with full expectation and gratitude that it is already done.

#2 Dream signs. This is one of my top favorites. Right before I sleep I ask the angels to share with me a specific sign of their presence. This works for me a 100 percent of the time and it’s fun too! A great example I can share came about six months ago. I felt discouraged one evening about a certain issue of a personal nature. Before I went to sleep I asked for a simple sign that to help move me through the emotional hump. That evening I dreamed of a monk knocking on my door. When I opened it he said one word that helped push me through to the other side of joy. The word? Faith.

#3 Personal Signs. I also enjoy asking the angels for random signs that I choose. For example, number combinations, butterflies, a certain color car, a specific animal, and my favorite – colored feathers and seashells. Sometimes my personal signs are revealed instantaneously, but they always appear within three or four days.

#4 Art Journal Signs. This one is fun and I’m including it because many of you are creatives like me. In my Angelic Love Journal, which I use for various purposes, I sketch out a specific sign that I’d like to receive. Remember the colored feathers I mentioned earlier? Last week I randomly chose a pink feather to sketch and watercolor in my art journal. While I was doing so, I told my guardian angels that would be fun if they serendipitously brought a pink feather into my experience. A few days later I had to get out of the car to move a shopping cart so I could park. Guess what was inside? You got it. A pink feather!

Asking for signs from the angels is a fun and amazing way to receive confirmations and comfort that you’re loved, heard, and that you’re taken care of by Infinite Love and the angels.

It’s a great confidence builder and comfort that your spiritual team loves you and that they have your back.

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Source: this article was originally written by Dar Payment and published on www.darpayment.com

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