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Who really was Joan of Arc and what has she to do with Angels

The master in the light is the Ascended Master, Saint Joan of Arc.

In heaven, she is called Medrael. This means, “The mighty of God”. She was young maiden who was alive in the 1400s in France. She was born with the ability to channel. She was not speaking to God or an angel, but she had been speaking to her spiritual guide. The spiritual guide was trying to help her through the wars that were taking place in her time. Our heavens tell us, that she had been in early rape victim, having watched her own mother having been raped, and then soldiers themselves, raped Joan afterward. This is something that they do not really know in history, as it was a piece of information that had never been shared. In fact there is a lot of information in history, that was rewritten the wrong way or was not shared. This also has a good example in the story of King Richard the third. Nobody ever really truly knew what happened in regards to the boys in the tower. But looking into the records, I do.


Joan of arc was a visionary in her time growing up as a child.
Sometimes trauma can shut off your spiritual abilities, or they can intensify them.

In her case, they were intensified.

The rape that she sustained, had brought her emotions out on a much more vulnerable level. This opened her up much more to the spiritual Veil. It was there in the veil, that her spiritual guide came forward and spoke to her about the corruption, and injustice that was going on in the war during her time.

She had made it a Vow, to fight for justice in the name of heaven.

She was very knowledgeable and many spiritual things especially in the religion of her time. She did die at a very early age though, and it was then that she was taken to a higher plane of heaven for the endless selfless sacrifice is that she made and fighting for what she believed in.


It’s funny how they killed her as a witch but made her a saint, according to the same religion later on. After going to heaven, she ended up having a great connection to the Angels and messengers although, she was placed on the sixth dimension as a virtue. She presides over the virtue of strength under the legion of archangel Ariel. Having ascended that Virtue in her life… She did not have higher learning, as she was raised in poverty, but her pure love and devoition to heaven, made her soul one that was worthy of the higher planes as she was blemishless and full of the strenth needed to be in heaven. Archangel Ariel adopted her into her legion.

Source: this article was originally written by Alura Cein and published on alurasangels
original title "Ascended Master Medrael: Joan of Arc"


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Who really was Joan of Arc and what has she to do with Angels
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