Observe carefully and pick a feather. The choice you make will reflect your personality and reveal what you truly seek.

1. Change

If this is the feather you have picked, you feel trapped in your life. You feel as if you're doing the same old things and your life is going in circles. You crave a change. You wish to find something which will make you happy and not feel like a burden. You seek variety in your life.

2. Stability

If this is the feather you have picked, you feel lost and distracted. A lot of things are happening in your life and you are just going with the flow. You start off with something and you lose focus midway. You seek stability in your life. You desire the power of concentration and the ability to focus better.

3. Love

If this is the feather you have picked, you are someone who loves deeply. You care immensely about the people you love and you remain loyal to them no matter what. But, you never get even half of what you give away and it disappoints you. You want someone to love and appreciate you like how you love them. You seek true and genuine love.

4. Positivity

If this is the feather you have picked, you've faced troubles almost all your life. You have been living in the gray zone for so long, you're tired of it and you need an escape from the negativity. You wish to have colors in your life, to feel happiness again. You seek positivity and happy vibes.

5. Inner strength

If this is the feather you have picked, you're confused and having trouble making decisions. Your brain says something and your heart says the other. There is something you really wish to do but you are not able to because you can't make up your mind. Your fears are holding you back and you wish you could overcome them. You seek inner strength.

6. Simplicity

If this is the feather you have picked, you are someone who feels overwhelmed by the complexity of life. There's a lot happening in your life and you feel suffocated. You've been hurt so many times you've lost count. You're tired of all the fake people and materialistic things in your life. You seek simplicity and simpler times.

7. Peace

If this is the feather you have picked, your life is in chaos. There's a new drama every day and you're tired of the routine. You're super stressed and there's a lot of pressure on you, both because of your work and family. You feel trapped and you just wish to run away from your problems. You seek peace.

8. Spark

If this is the feather you have picked, you wish for a spark in your life. Everything feels dull and boring in your life. You are tired of the same old people and the same things around you. You crave thrill and excitement. You wish for something which will boost your spirits and make you feel alive.

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