This Angelic Prayer helps you prevent outside energy from affecting you and remove negative energies.

May this Angelic Prayer help you wash away, release and transmute any negative energy. May the Angels cleanse and purify your energy field.


Dear Angel, I ask you to shelter and protect me from any negative energy. Please, help me not be weighed down by the negativity of the world. I ask for your divine protection from negativity so that it may not affect my energy field in any way and for any reason. Help me be centered in love and allow no negativity to enter my space and interfere or diminish the fullest expression of my soul essence. Fill me with your purifying spirit so that I may wash away, release and transmute any dense vibrational energy. Please, wrap me with your wings as an inviolable shield of light. Purify me so that I may let the light of the Divine shine in my life and through my life.


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