Are there any signs your guardian angel is near? How do I know my guardian angel is around me? As a professional spiritual counselor this is a question I am commonly asked by my clients.

As human beings having a spiritual experience, sometimes your humanness needs tangible signs that your spiritual team is around you. Your guardian angels are lovingly aware of this need and therefore enjoy giving you subtle signs to alert you of their presence and of their help.

If you need confirmation that your guardian angels are around you, here are some common signs of their presence . . .

Subtle Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Near

We are each unique which means that we will each notice different aspects of the world around us. Your guardian angels are aware of your unique perspectives and attributes and will always surround you with signs of their presence in ways that you can understand and relate to.

There are many subtle signs your guardian angel is near. Here are some of the most common:
Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Near

1- White Feathers

Feathers, especially white feathers are a very common sign that your guardian angels are around you. When you find a feather it is a reminder from your guardian angels that you are not alone and that you are completely surrounded and protected.

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In other words, you’re being wrapped within their wings of love. Some people may find big fluffy feathers, while others smaller plumes; but each is your guardian angel’s calling cards of love.

2- Encouraging Messages from the Media

Encouraging messages from TV, radio, and other media such as books, magazines, and social media platforms, are a routine mode of communication from your guardian angels. You may be watching television, or listening to the radio, and hear exactly the information you needed to help you, or to encourage and inspire you.

Print media is also your guardian angels customary mode of communication how many times have phrases or quotes ‘popped out’ at you; with exactly the information you needed to hear or know at that time? Be alert when you ask your guardian angels for their help; they will guide you to the exact resources you need to find the answers to the questions you seek.

3- Finding Small Gifts

Your guardian angels enjoy showering you with small tokens of their affection. Small coins, interesting rocks, semi-precious stones, bills, small pieces of jewelry, and other small keepsakes may suddenly show up in your experience.

These small presents are simple reminders that your guardian angels love and appreciate you. They are also fun keepsakes that you can display on your altar, or other special place to remind you that your guardian angels are real, spiritual beings.

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4- Heavenly “Coincidences”

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Your guardian angels love to let you know that there are around you by arranging small heavenly coincidences that spark joy in your heart. Perhaps you asked your spiritual team to help you obtain a particular item you needed, and then you are mysteriously led to a store or other resource that has exactly what you need.

Or perhaps you’re going through a difficult situation and he just happened to bump into a friend you have not seen in two years who went through the same thing; giving you timely encouragement and advice.

These synchronicities are hugs and kisses from your guardian angels who are always trying to make your life happier, and easier.

5- Heavenly Scents

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Commonly reported fragrances associated with guardian angels or floral scents such as roses, honeysuckle, Jasmine, as well as other scents such as sandalwood or vanilla. These scents can be slight, and at times heavy, more often than not disappearing as quickly as they came.

If you suddenly smell overpowering but beautiful fragrances around you, it could be a sign that your guardian Angel is covering you with the fragrance of their love. A beautiful reminder that they are near you!

6- Inexplicable Feelings of Love

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Your guardian angels truly love you and are here to support you in every way. And if you find yourself suddenly engulfed with a sudden, and inexplicable feeling of love this is a sure sign of your guardian angels presence around you.

The Angels are from the highest source of light which resonates in pure love. The next time you feel as if you are suddenly being bathed in liquid love, acknowledge your guardian angel’s presence and let them know that you love and appreciate them too!

You can ask your guardian angel for wisdom or guidance at any time, in any place. Here is an easy technique to help you.

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