You’ve probably heard that you have access to all the answers you need by listening within, but tuning in can be difficult when you’re feeling stressed and worried. As a medium and spiritual teacher, I teach people all over the world how to access spiritual guidance to get clarity about any area of their life.

Here’s the three-step process I recommend to make it easier to receive spiritual guidance when you most need it.


1. Journal about your concern.

Choose one area of your life to focus on, and then journal about every emotion and worry you’ve been feeling about that concern. Imagine that you are sharing your concern with your angels, God, your higher self, or the source of spiritual guidance that feels right to you.

This process makes you feel heard and frees up mental space to allow guidance to come to you. It’s just like talking to your best friend. As you express how you’re feeling, you start to feel better, even if you don’t have solutions yet. Keep writing about your concern until you start to feel more calm.

2. Ask your question.

Now that you are feeling more calm, write the question you would like to ask. I recommend asking open-ended questions to get the most information about your situation, so stick to questions that cannot be answered by a simple “yes” or “no.”

You might ask, What do I need to know about this situation? How can I feel more peaceful about this situation? What is my next step?

3. Write the response.

Set aside your worries and opinions about your situation, and imagine that you can clearly receive the spiritual guidance you need. Write everything that comes to you without censoring, doubting, or judging the message. Just write.

Once all the messages have been written down, read over them and notice how they make you feel about your concern.

True spiritual guidance will be loving, compassionate, and help you see your situation from a more positive perspective. If any of the messages feel judgmental or fearful, your own thoughts have interfered.

Set your thoughts and worries aside, repeat your request for guidance, and start writing.

Life can feel like a struggle at times, but you always have help along the way. By following these three steps, you will be able to receive the spiritual guidance you need to feel more peaceful, keep moving forward, and create a life you love.

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Source: this article was originally written By Melanie Jade Rummel in September 16, 2015 and published on mindbodygreen

Melanie Jade Rummel is a Medium and Spiritual Teacher who shares positive, loving messages from Spirit Guides and loved ones who have passed. She offers readings and other resources...
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