We could all use a helpful message or guiding words of wisdom from time to time, our Angels deliver these in various ways.

Your favorite Angel has a personal message for you. Read these guiding words.



This is a message for going back to the start. Either we feel like we are starting from scratch, or we need to begin again because of recent setbacks. Beginnings are magical for all their new potential. Untarnished by illusory limits and the expectations of others, beginnings are moments for setting our clear intentions and making sure they are aligned with our hearts.
Any new journey will ultimately be for our growth, bringing us closer to the highest power that we believe in.

Start your journey with the spirit of excitement, love, and trust. It is important to realise that the road ahead cannot be a “failure” unless we refuse to learn from it.
Do what you feel you came to do, even if it’s not clear just yet. Your first step is simply to allow yourself to begin. All that matters is that you keep putting one foot in front of the other.


Trust Your Intuition – It Is A Powerful Guide In Your Life.

Your intuition is an inherent gift to you. It is your infinite and divine intelligence that is guiding you in all ways – in your thoughts, words, dreams and deeds. Everyone has innate intuitive abilities that need to be put into good practice to rise boldly to the challenges of our times. You may experience this as a “gut” feeling or even a “hunch” which may be very accurate indicators of the right choices for you.

Practicing and exercising your intuitive abilities gives you an advantage that you did not have before in moving through your life when making decisions. Learning and developing your intuitive abilities is probably one of the most valuable things you will ever do for yourself. Without it, you are at a great disadvantage. Intuition is a very accurate guiding force in all aspects of life and can contribute to your success and fulfilment in life.

MANTRA: I trust my intuition to guide me in all areas of my life.


You may be confusing other people’s energy with your own.

This card shows up for you today to remind you that you are a highly sensitive person. It is easy for you to get lost in the emotions of others. You have the amazing gift of compassion because you can energetically walk in other people’s shoes. It may be easy for you to get confused about what is yours, and what is someone else’s. You may find yourself being easily distracted by other people’s problems. If you are not aware of this, you could even take on the energy, emotions, and problems of other people. Everything is made of energy and you can read it in a very powerful way! This truly is a gift!

At the same time, if it is not used correctly, it can feel like a curse. You are being asked to pay special attention to your unique ability to read and feel the energy of the people, situations, and events around you. Learn about this gift, seek out guidance, read books, and develop it in a way that you can use for the highest good of yourself and those around you. You are not doing anyone any favors by taking on their problems.

You can only help people by guiding them gently and lovingly within themselves to listen to their inner voice. You can neutralize the tendency to absorb others energies by setting a powerful intention to be aware of this energy, but not to take it on. Do energy checks often, and ask yourself if this emotion or feeling is yours, or if it is a product of your environment or the people around you. Your intention creates your reality. Be willing to let go of all that is not yours. Send love to it, and gently release it. You have your own emotional energy that needs attention. Don’t confuse other people’s energy with your own.


You are currently healing past life wounds.

This message comes to you today to let you know that the person or situation you are inquiring about is related to a past life. This situation or concern has arrived here to help you heal this once and for all. You are currently healing past life wounds. Be gentle with yourself. This is a deeply emotional experience. Acknowledge what you have been experiencing, and know that you are not making it up. You do have a past life connection here and that is a good thing!

Anything that needs to be healed can come to the surface now. Make sure that you are paying special attention to your dreams, feelings, and emotions regarding this subject. Call in your angels and guides, and ask them to help you clear and heal any old wound related to this situation. Be willing to forgive, let go, and move on. A past life may come to the surface for many different reasons, but for this situation, it is so you can heal something and move on. According to this message , that is exactly what you are doing. You are free to integrate the positive experiences of this past life now. Enjoy this experience!

It is not all bad, and there is much you can learn here!

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