Card 1.

Focused on advancement and success in the material world, while ignoring the emotional and aesthetic elements of life. Turned inward, uninterested in others and apparently boring to them. However, some see this aspect more in the traditional light… burned out, inactive, unwilling to work hard. Traditionally apathetic, stagnant, indolent, discouraged.

Card 2.

That which is permanent and may be passed on to future generations. The family business. Fortune. Heirlooms. Estates. But also traditions, ancestry, the family name. Wanting to ensure the security, comfort and preservation of the family. This card may be an indication of a coming inheritance, perhaps as the heir, or perhaps as the executor. A card of stable wealth, and also a card of heritage

Card 3.

After hard work and thought, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. Perhaps unexpected good fortune. Reversal of negative trends. The traditional interpretations of this aspect are darker, however. Traditional meanings include confusion, anarchy and discord. Possibly those who stood by each other during the lean times may be less faithful when the material situation improves.

source inner-intuitions